Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Potato Pie & Fried Fish Fillets

Working with leftovers is sometimes difficult but can bring about terrific results!

This dish brings together, forgotten frozen beef, potatoes, an old can (not expired) of shitake mushrooms and leftover fish fillets in cream sauce.

To bring this dish together, i sauteed garlic, onions, chopped shitake mushrooms and ground beef together. I then added some soy sauce then, sliced button mushrooms and a can of mushroom soup. Add salt and pepper to taste. When this was cooked i placed it in a deep glass dish and topped it with mashed potatoes loaded with cheese.
The fish was already seasoned, being part of different dish, i just wiped of the cream and fried it. The sauce of the fish seemed to be loaded with cracked pepper.

It's a good match!

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