Sunday, March 21, 2010

Oyakodon (Japanese Chicken and Egg Rice Bowl)

Another Japanese favorite! My wife is now torn between Gyudon and this. For this dish I was able to use Powdered Dashi (Ajinomoto brand). I was able to buy it at Robinson's Supermarket. This is again based on a YouTube video, the same presenter from the Gyudon I made (cookingwithdog).

Still didn't have Sake but I did use Chinese rice wine as a substitute.

Gyudon (Japanese Beef Bowl)

We had dinner at Sumo Sam a few days ago and initially we just ordered 1 Gyudon and 1 California Maki. After realizing that the Gyudon was so delicious we ordered another one! It's really easy to make and the ingredients are available if you know where to look. I made this without Powdered Dash and Sake and it still turned out very well. I now have dashi and will do this again soon!

This is based on a video recipe i found in YouTube.

Sake, Mirin and Powdered dashi are available in a the grocery, just look for the Oriental/Asian section. Alternatively there are a couple of Japanese food stores around the metro.

Saturday, January 30, 2010

Chicken with Caramelized Shallots

Caramelized Shallots are great! Superb as a an appetizer or a side dish but this will hardly fill a hungry belly. I really enjoyed the flavor it had so in order to make this dish filling i added some chicken fillets. The Caramelized Shallots recipe is from Ina Garten. I seasoned the chicken with salt and pepper, added the same marinade for the shallots and lightly coated it with flour, sauteed some minced shallots in oil and butter then quickly stir fried the chicken. At this time the shallots were already in the oven and i just added the chicken, gave it a toss and let it cook some more. I used twice the ingredients mentioned since i had to used on the chicken too.

Pepperoni & Ham Sandwich

A sandwich for lunch is fine with me anytime, as long as the sandwich is filling enough. When I started working, my Mom would give me these huge sandwiches and whenever I wouldn't be able to eat it due to a lunch meeting or something; I would always give it away. There was always a happy list of people who would gladly accept it. These sandwiches ranged from the usual ham and cheese, homemade burgers, shrimps and asparagus, steak and cheese and hotdogs loaded with toppings. Nowadays, I sometimes just buy from The Sandwich Guy (TSG). There was a time I had their Italian sandwich for a week! I just love the combination of pepperoni, ham, cheese, tomatoes and lettuce on wheat bread. With that being said, I realized that these ingredients are really easy to find and so I started to make my own! Just as delicious but not as expensive! :)