Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Strawberry Farms not Strawberry Fields

I've been to Baguio many times and i was always told that the Strawberry Fields was just a few minutes away and we could pick the strawberries ourselves. I found out that the Strawberry Fields that was being mentioned was a Club along Marcos Highway. A different kind of picking.
For real strawberries, head over to La Trinidad about 30 to 45 minutes away depending on the traffic. You can pick your own strawberries and just pay for them on your way out. The farms have different owners so just pick one that allows you to do your own picking. Here you'll find everything strawberry, strawberry wine, strawberry juice, strawberry taho, strawberry key chains, etc. You'll also find some nice fresh lettuce.
Some are just ripe for picking and some are not. The farm we first went to was just recently picked. You have to go to the farms further back to get to pick your own.
My little girl didn't want to touch the strawberries at first.

Strawberry Taho. Interesting, but i like my taho hot and plain.
Lots of nice looking lettuce around as well. Now, if only brought a nice vinaigrette. :)
Lots and lots of vinaigrette. ;)
So if you want to go here, remember...Strawberry Farms, not fields.

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