Monday, April 28, 2008

Steamed Tausi Spareribs

A favorite of mine when eating at Chinese restaurants! An order of this, 2 cups of white rice and lots and lots of chili garlic sauce! Found this terrific recipe at Jaden's Steamy Kitchen. Don't you just love the Internet?! Now i can enjoy this at home. It's really easy to cook, just marinade the spareribs for about and hour and steam! I really like the sauce, so i cooked the marinade separately to be poured over hot rice! Yum!

Steamed Spareribs with Tausi (Black Bean) Sauce


Anonymous said...

Do you have any recipes on how to cook tausi spareribs? Thanks.. -

peter said...

How do you prefer your spareribs? Steamed like this one? Stir fried is also an option.

You can also try this - Chicken in Black Bean Sauce and use spareribs instead.