Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Fried Lapu-Lapu in Garlic Sauce

To the detriment of my wife's diet - this can be aptly called a diet breaker. :)

Why oh why did i cook something that goes terrific with rice!

While we usually have steamed Lapu-Lapu, i asked if they wanted something different this time. Ages ago, we had something like this but the recipe was lost and when i was supposed to do some online research our phone line died (DSL please!). With less than an hour before lunch time, i just had to try something. While the fish was being fried, i started to see if i could make the sauce. I chopped lots of garlic and grated maybe an inch of ginger. In hot oil, i sauteed the ginger and garlic, added about 2 tbsps of cooking wine, some soy sauce, oyster sauce, water, corn starch and sweet chili sauce. I was done in an hour and i knew they liked it, they requested it again for dinner. I also noticed that my wife was smiling.....she had rice. :)

With results like this....i just love cooking! :)

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