Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Chicken Tinola

This was supposed to be my first entry for Lasang Pinoy Sundays when it featured soup. This was actually my second soup dish that i cooked, the first one was an experiment that didn't turn out well. So, to be sure, i went with something familiar and delicious. You can hardly go wrong with this since all it requires is sauteing some garlic, ginger and onions then adding the chicken and enough water to cover the chicken. Cover the pan and peel and cut some green papayas lengthwise or slice them 2 inches in length (Seeds discarded). You can have this longer, it's just that i prefer it that way. Wash a generous bunch of chili leaves, and remove them from the stalks. About half an hour later, add the green papayas and let them cook till soft. Season this with salt and pepper or fish sauce if you like. Before serving, add the chili leaves, give it a stir and leave it for about 5 minutes. In our home, we use fish sauce with or without chili peppers or soy sauce as a dipping sauces. Good meal. Good soup.

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