Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Chicken and Corn Soup V2

I had a lot raves from my family when i last did this and i wanted to do it again with a few changes. I've read several times about using ham bones and since i like ham, i might as well give it a try. My wife dropped by the grocery to look for cherry tomatoes when i remembered that there was i Majestic Ham stall over there. I asked her to purchase a couple of bones so that i could use it for soup.To make the broth, i cracked the bones in half and simmered it in water and added a whole peeled onion, carrots, peppercorns and spring onions. Once this started to boil, the aroma of the ham bones filled the kitchen. It smelled good! I let it boil for about an hour while i prepared the chicken thigh fillets, corn, chopped ham, garlic, mushrooms and milk. I sauteed the garlic, ham and mushrooms followed by the chicken fillets and when the broth was ready, i added it to the chicken. At this point, it's already good enough to eat as clear soup but i prefer it to be creamy so i added a can of milk and 2 beaten eggs.
I mentioned in the previous version of this soup that it was the best soup I've done. That was then, now this new version using ham bones is the best I've done. I have couple of more ideas for soups using ham bones. I can't wait to see if i can do better. :)

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