Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Delicious Dip

We had a post birthday party about a month ago and while we had our regular assigned dishes to bring, our host, Ellen served this delicious dip that we could not get enough of. After the party, i immediately got a request from Tina (my wife) to recreate it.

We were at my in-laws when i did this, i asked Ellen about the ingredients and how to do it. I was able to make four dips, 3 small ones and one large dip. Serve this with chips and before you realize it, you'll be scraping the bottom of the dish with your last remaining chip.

To do this, you'll need cream cheese, pitted black olives, spiced ham, tomatoes, tomato sauce and quick melting cheese. Dice the olives, ham and tomatoes.

At the bottom of the dish put the cream cheese then add the olives, ham and tomatoes layer by layer then add tomato sauce then top with lots of quick melting cheese. Just use a microwave or a regular oven to heat this till the cheese melts and you're ready to dip away!

Thanks Ellen!

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