Monday, November 26, 2007

Lung Center Sunday Market

First time at the Lung Center Sunday Market and contrary to the advice of many, i arrived at around 9:30 am. Parking sucks. Well, if your a bit patient, you could park in about 15 minutes.

The calling of grilled seafood.

Taba ng Talangka (Crab Fat) was offered a couple of times. More like it was shoved near my face. I just smiled politely and refused while thinking about pouring the contents of the bottle over hot steaming rice and shocking my arteries into overdrive.
I also discovered a "new" fruit. Hehe
Nice flowers and plants were abound. My Mom bought a couple of plants she's been trying to grow for quite a while now. There was also a stall that sold used hardbound books and a couple of cookbooks. Nothing really caught my eye and i already had some of the books.

Small Koi fish were also being sold. A lot of kids crowded this small space. Really nice to look at.

Another sight which attracted a lot of kids were these birds. The kids started shouting when a bird got free. The men at that stall started to scramble for the bird. Too bad they caught it. I barely caught the commotion with my camera.

Really a busy morning at the market. This was a really interesting market and deserves another visit. Maybe next time we'll go earlier.

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